Our People

Through our investment in people programme, we have successfully implemented a trade apprentice training programme which has consistently delivered a succession of highly skilled young tradesmen into our business and the industry. This has been provided through our own internal workshop facilities in Milford Haven, which has served to consistently reduce the average age of our ongoing workforce. We have recently extended this and started to train apprentices on term maintenance sites where we have the capability and the support of the client. The ability to take unskilled young men and women from school, college or the wider public and develop them into high skilled and professional individuals has been one of the most rewarding aspects of our business. The energy, commitment and uptake of our safety and quality culture by these young people has been a joy to behold and we continue to promote this process at every opportunity.

The above has also focused the minds of some of our more experienced staff and trades personnel to further improve their skills through additional vocational training offered by the business. This has again been extremely rewarding for all parties involved, who now have a route to progress to higher positions and pay grades, with some having already been integrated into the management team.

With a view to ensuring that all company employees are fully trained in strict accordance our own company standards, their certification is always current and readily accessible, we have also developed a new training matrix for all employees. This allows us to provide labour more promptly, as it ensures that all certification is continuously regulated and flagged prior to requirement for renewal. All company operations now have instant access to all employee training records which are managed solely by the HR department within Head Office. External auditors have regularly highlighted how impressed they are with this innovative system.

As well as doing our best to maintain good relations with all of our employees, we also pride ourselves on being a ‘Considerate Employer’ who always does their best to look after each and every member of our personnel and their respective welfare. As part of this process, we continue to introduce regular monthly heath care campaigns, which vary monthly to raise awareness, increase staff discussion and how to contact professional help if required. This is communicated through regular internal communications and toolbox talks.

The company prides itself on being a major employer within the area and our ongoing commitment to integrate and support the local community wherever possible, is always of paramount importance to us. We continue to work with many community organisations, charities, and facilities such as sports clubs, etc. through offers of assistance where applicable and the distribution of approved donations.

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