Steelwork Fabrication & Installation

As well as the supply and fabrication of tank nozzles, fittings, and tank attachments, the supply and fabrication of all types of steel, pipe and access structures are a major part of our various tank and vessel, construction, and refurbishment projects. It is vitally important that we have complete confidence in the manufacture of these items to ensure that when we go to site, there will be no issues with the installation process. These key materials are therefore fully fabricated, and trial assembled within our workshop facilities by our own trained and experienced personnel, as part of each project preparation process. This allows our site construction teams to review and discuss the Design, Construction and Management with the fabrication team in detail, to ensure that all aspects of the installation have been suitably addressed before it leaves the factory.

The fabrication workshop facilities are also a key requisite in the ongoing training and development of our trade apprentices, as this is where they gain their vitally important practical experience, under the watchful guidance of our extensively experienced trades and management team. The ability to gain a full understanding of how each tank component is designed and manufactured before it is installed is an essential part of their apprenticeship training.

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